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Stop, Breathe, Think.....

There are probably a few items that you will want to keep out of the contents of the home.

These things include:



If you are moving to a smaller apartment or retirement community, you may want to bring some furniture with you.

By obtaining a floor plan of your new home beforehand, you can figure out what will fit and what won't.

Lost a loved one....

For the families who have lost a loved one, there may be certain pieces that are dear to the family and will not be sold.

Make a list of these items to be kept, and mark each piece as "Not to be sold"


You will most likely want to bring some pictures to your new home. Depending on wall space, you may be able to bring some larger pictures to hang on your wall.

But what about the school photos, photos of family vacations, extended family, and such?  Why not scan them into a computer, then save them to an exterior storage device such as a disc?

Pictures are just a click away, they are in one place and they don't take up much space! You can add to the digital collection as you find more pictures.

A great idea is to make a digital collection for every member of the family. They can print out any pictures that they would like to display in their home.

Use the persons name as the file name. For example, Uncle George's picture might be named "Uncle George Smith, Vietnam"

The original photo's can be given to the family member who wants to play "Family Historian". He/she can make a scrapbook of family history.

If any pictures are of historical significance such as war time pictures, pictures of a famous person, old pictures of local landmarks (whether they are still there or not) or other interesting "stuff", call your local museum or historical society to see if they would like to use any of them.

One fun idea is to bring all the photo's to a family holiday or reunion. Spread the pictures out and let everyone pick out some favorites to take home. One family got rid of every photo by the time the event was over.

If this job is done BEFORE we get there it saves time (and money!) later in the process.


Please remove any jewelry you want to keep BEFORE we come to check the place out. Gold, silver and vintage jewelry is always popular.

We need to know what is going to be sold and what isn't.

Why do this before you call?

When evaluating a home, we look at the items to be sold , condition of said items and the time it will take to organize, price and sell the contents of the home. This all factors into the cost of running an Estate Sale at your home.

If you are taking all the "big ticket" items with you, it may not be worth our time and your money to host a sale.

You might make more money having a garage sale!

The more we know walking in, the better.

What if I live out of town? I don't have time for this!

That's ok, we can do it all! Give us a call and we can work out the details.

For more information on our services, or to schedule an appointment to meet with us, please call Carolee Hollenback at 315-420-4494

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