Services for Seniors

Are you moving to an Assisted Living Facility?

The sad fact is, you can only take a few of your precious treasures with you. We can help you decide what to bring with you , what to give to others and what to sell.

After that, we can hold the liquidation sale for you.

These services are available to assist you:

*** Complementary initial consultation to evaluate your needs.

*** De-clutter, organize, clean, stage, research and price your precious items.

*** Email all sale information to our private subscriber list to maximize attendance.

 *** Will advertise daily on multiple sites and in the newspaper one week before the sale.

 *** Your home will become an awesome retail environment for maximizing sales.

*** We will provide the helpers necessary for a successful secure sale.

*** Most sales are conducted for two days at your home.

We can even haul out whatever doesn't sell!

We are a friendly & sympathetic family owned business and we are here to make your life E-Z'er!

To set up a consultation TODAY, call us at 315-420-4494

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