Why Hire us?

Why not do it yourself?


Do you have the time to run an estate sale? Do you have 10-14 days @ 6-8 hours a day to prepare for and run the sale?

Running an Estate sale is hard work! You don’t need that, especially if you are already stressed from the death of a loved one or an unexpected relocation.

The stress level rises when you are emotionally attached. Not only do you have to watch people pawing through Grandma’s belongings, but you may hear stuff that you would rather not.


“How could they live like this?”

“Who would put THAT THING in their living room?”

“Can you believe they painted their walls THAT color” (they aren’t aware that YOU painted them as a gift to Grandma and YOU picked that color!)

You get the point…..

Sometimes people just don’t think about what they are saying!

That’s where we come in!

We do all the work for you

Cleaning/Setting Up

You may throw something away thinking it was trash. So many items that appear to be trash actually have a monetary value. It is always best to let us determine what is valuable and what is not.

Do NOT throw out:

Old Letters, POSTCARDS, greeting cards, newspapers and magazines, instruction booklets for appliances, matchbooks, BOOKS, SCRAPBOOKS, VALENTINES!!

Bedding-Towels, sheets, linens, etc

Rugs of any size & shape


Fabric, buttons, old sewing machines….any sewing related items

Jewelry….even if it’s broken or missing pieces (such as one earring)

Old Luggage

All Sports Equipment…..old fishing poles & tackle, golfing items, etc…

Anything to do with advertising…..such as tins, bottles, labels, store giveaways, etc

Broken or chipped dishes or art glass

Cigar Boxes, wooden boxes

All furniture, even if it is damaged

Old Toys, even those in ill repair

Cans of hinges, nuts, bolts, drill bits

Usable food items and cleaning supplies

All miscellaneous garage items.

Remember the old saying "One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!"

Let us decide what to keep and what to toss!


After we have put everything into categories it is time to price them. Everything is not worth a fortune like you may think- even those “so called” antiques.

Prices go up and down, things go in and out of vogue…the Hummel collection that was worth a fortune one year may go down in price the next. One year pigs are in,the next year cows. Maybe the next year apples or roosters.

Electronics go down as they age. That big screen TV or laptop that you bought for Grandma that was a $1,000 a few years ago may be worth next to nothing today. It would be cheaper to buy new!

And that junk you almost threw out? Could be worth a pretty penny!

We will carefully research items and price them accordingly. If we are in question about anything, we will bring in an appraiser.


We advertise through local newspaper ads, online advertising, and by personal emails sent to past customers who have signed our guest book, asking to be alerted to upcoming sales.

Customers who sign our guestbook can also state what they are interested in so we can target these customers as we run across specific items of interest.

The sale

We set up the sale, bringing in tables if needed.

We Organize and display household contents by category.

We have staff placed at strategic locations throughout the home to help answer all the questions potential buyers may have and to cut down on theft.

We process all sales transactions

When the sale is over

We can haul away any items that are left and find them a new home. Our mission is to help those starting over- from domestic violence, burn-outs, etc…

We like to keep as much as possible out of our landfills.

We can also clean the home so it is ready for rent or sale.

We are here to make your life easier!

To determine if holding an estate sale is right for you, email us or call 315-420-4494

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